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2020 will forever be remembered as the year that the world came to a halt.


Cities stopped, nightlife slept and workplaces emptied, while words like ‘unprecedented’ and ‘social distancing’ resonated around the high streets like the virus itself.

It’s been a year of uncertainty, trepidation and frustration.

But, in true British fashion, it’s also been a year of resolve, solidarity and determination.~

Offices closed but it didn’t stop those people that could still work from doing so.

Kitchen tables became desks, pets became work colleagues and dressing gowns became standard work attire.

There is absolutely no doubt that 2020 has been the worst year for most in a generation. But through the COVID concrete, many roses grew.

There was the clapping for our NHS and key worker heroes, there was Captain Sir Tom Moore, there was the #RandomActsOfKindness movement.

At MAF, we spent most of 2020 doing our very best to help those businesses that need it most in ways that we’d never done before.

Whether it was one of the thousands of moratoriums put through, a CBILS loan for businesses looking to remain strong through the pandemic or simply just being someone to talk to, we just wanted to help.

And we still do.

While the news of vaccines is one of the best things to hear just before Christmas, we are still very much at war with COVID-19.

The coming months will still be tough; businesses will still have to adapt and learn to survive in a tiered society – temporary or not.

But, just like we always do, we will show that renowned resolution that has enabled us to come through so much this year already.

There is always a light.

So, for now, follow guidelines, enjoy Christmas and enter 2021 in the best way you possibly can.

After this year, you deserve it.

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