We arrange funding for the purchase of a polishing machine…

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A start-up business came to us with a desperate need to keep up with new contracts…


An up-and-coming manufacturing business based in Leeds contacted us about a new £152,000 polishing machine.

This was a business-essential asset, with the company having taken on multitudes of new contracts since their conception, meaning the polishing machine was needed for them to get off the ground and satisfy their customers’ demands.

Our manufacturing specialists were able to have this agreed with terms almost unheard of for the riskier start-ups that we work alongside.

No Director’s Guarantees were required and a 10% deposit with VAT Deferral was provided over 60 months, allowing the young business to claim the VAT back and keep cash flow undisturbed at a surprising rate for a start-up.

We then began working on another cylinder crusher and new polishing machine for the business, and will look to continually work with them as they grow and expand.

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We help a recycling company secure funding…

Recycling plant

A business contacted us needing an injection of cash after buying a large tranche worth of recycling banks.

The business bought the banks to disperse around the country so, to understand the need of the business further one of our relationship managers went to visit them to discuss a finance facility.

The business transacted a total of £85,000, in two separate deal agreements. The first was for £35,000 and the second was for £50,000 at a later date.

The deal was agreed as a sale and HP back, where the asset is sold back to a lender for the full amount injecting the cash back into the business and the customer then pays a monthly arranged fee over a set time until the assets are then owned by them again.

The deal was arranged without any issues enabling them to gain funds back and allowing them to purchase more banks to place around the country.

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