operating lease

An operating lease is essentially a method of renting an asset for your business over a short to medium timeframe or for a fraction of the item’s useful life.

operating lease

grow your business with an operating lease...

Operating leases are the simplest form of equipment leasing, where the customer doesn’t take on the risks and rewards of owning the asset (such as maintenance costs).

An operating lease is essentially a method of renting an asset for your business over a short or medium timeframe.

Operating leases include some kind of maintenance provision and they often have relatively short lease periods — meaning you would have more flexibility than they would with finance lease or hire purchase.

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operating lease explained...

things to consider...

term length

Assets can be funded
for up to 7 years

useful life

Funding can be arranged over the useful life of the asset, sometimes with a balloon payment


You can delay paying the VAT for 3 months through our VAT deferral option.

so how does operating lease work?

You contact us and tell us that you want to raise some money and have some equipment that you own and want to refinance.

We then contact one of our many funders who will then offer a valuation of the equipment by using the details of the vehicle that you provide - make, model, hours worked/mileage etc.
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We can lend up to 100% of the valuation, though this depends on you business, the chosen funder and your business credit rating.

For example, if the funder states that the machine is worth £100,000, we may be able to arrange funding for you for that amount against that machine.
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We then offer you a quote and if you're happy, we proceed to get you credit approved and issue all required documentation.
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Once everything is approved, the funder releases the money and you begin paying your monthly instalments on the pre-agreed date.

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