We arrange funding for specialist manufacturing equipment…

Manufacturing machines

A local kitchen and bedroom manufacturer came to us needing a niche edge bander after their current one fell completely out of repair.

Due to the asset being business critical and the firm being at risk of losing jobs without it, we needed to achieve an exceptionally quick turnaround so they could continue their work.

The business came to us on a Sunday night and within 48 hours, we were able to have both the funds and the asset released.

They were originally going to work with their dealer due to the time-sensitive nature of the transaction, however we were able to comfortably beat the dealer’s APR rate, saving the customer time and money in the process.

The facility was auto approved via one of our funder portals and we had the documents out to the customer on e-sign immediately, meaning they were able to use their new edge bander and get back to work in no time at all.

The facility was completed so smoothly, we have begun discussions with the supplier to work alongside them on our vendor panel.

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we arrange funding for an ultra-high pressure cleaning machine…

A cleaning and maintenance business came to us needing a new asset after their factory was shut down due to COVID.

The business was involved in the maintenance for the offshore sector, which included oil rigs and wind turbines.

Our specialist team met with the business as they had recently suffered from a fire and had to shut a factory down due to covid restrictions, but our team worked with our funders to explain the situation of the business and still got a deal in place.

We arranged £103K over a 4-year term for the specialist cleaning asset and due to the relationship created with the business, we also started discussions with them to finance the re-building of their factory.

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we arrange funding for specialist machinery…

Manufacturing machines

A manufacturing business that made antibacterial wipes came to us as they wanted to buy a specialist machine after demand had risen due to COVID.

Our specialist team stepped in as all the business’s cash was tied up in buying stock and leasing larger premises to cope with the orders.

We arranged £279k over a 5-year term with a 12-month capital repayment holiday for the machinery.

The customer was happy with the deal as they continued to grow and keep up with their demand levels which meant profits increased. We are now working with the business on an invoice finance facility.

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We arrange funding for the purchase of a polishing machine…

office worker

A start-up business came to us with a desperate need to keep up with new contracts…


An up-and-coming manufacturing business based in Leeds contacted us about a new £152,000 polishing machine.

This was a business-essential asset, with the company having taken on multitudes of new contracts since their conception, meaning the polishing machine was needed for them to get off the ground and satisfy their customers’ demands.

Our manufacturing specialists were able to have this agreed with terms almost unheard of for the riskier start-ups that we work alongside.

No Director’s Guarantees were required and a 10% deposit with VAT Deferral was provided over 60 months, allowing the young business to claim the VAT back and keep cash flow undisturbed at a surprising rate for a start-up.

We then began working on another cylinder crusher and new polishing machine for the business, and will look to continually work with them as they grow and expand.

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We arrange funding for a new premise…

House developments

An existing customer of ours got in touch with us to help with financing new premises and several new engineering machines. 


The business had sold most of their land and wanted to build new premises. However, they were contracted to receive the money from the sale of the land in stage payments – with £3m due in quarterly payments in 2020 and the remaining £1.5m due in 2022.  

We arranged for one of our lenders to advance the funds to the customer against the contracts they had in place, helping with their cash flow and funding some of the build costs of their new premises.  

Over £3m of asset finance was also done with the business for various new engineering machinery. 

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We arrange funding for the purchase of new manufacturing machinery…

Manufacturing machines

A manufacturing business got in contact with us through an existing client regarding the purchase of four new machines over the course of six months.  


The customer was looking to finance over £500k worth of machinery and needed our help.  

We worked with closely with the customer to thoroughly understand their business, including their financial performance and purchase rationale. 

By using our panel of funders, we were able to find the right financial situation in the timescale that the business required, and the customer’s expectations were exceeded due to the pricing of the deal and level of understanding for their business needs. 

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we arrange finance for £3m of aluminium sheets…

Aluminium sheets

A business needed to finance aluminium sheets to go across fields for access.


A hire business contacted us as they required finance for aluminium sheets which were to be laid in fields to allow vehicles to drive over.

The customer was already dealing with a funder, but they had a limited appetite to fund such an asset as they were so specialist.

As a result, we secured the finance for the sheets on both an unsecured loan and hire purchase basis for up to £3m over three different funders, and this allowed the customer to draw down the funds in 2-3 larger transactions rather than consecutive small ones.

Once the sheets had been financed, the customer then returned to us with a property finance enquiry. 

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Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire manufacturing businesses to receive grants…

Manufacturing machines

Manufacturing businesses in certain areas of the East Midlands now have access to £500,000 of support to overcome current challenges.

Businesses will use MGP’s bespoke diagnostic tool, GROWTHMapper, to seek out points of improvement within their companies, before receiving grants that can support up to a third of the total cost of the project, up to £10,000.

The programme will help cover a range of business costs such as efficiencies, marketing, product development and management.

85 businesses are set to benefit from the scheme between now and June 2023 and approximately 111 jobs are to be created as a result.

The Manufacturing Growth Programme, which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and delivered by Oxford Innovation Services, is open to all manufacturing SMEs in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire that employ less than 250 people or have a turnover below £36m.

Martin Coats, Managing Director of the Manufacturing Growth Programme, said: “This is excellent news for SME manufacturers in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire and comes at a time when they need access to industry specialists to overcome issues around Brexit and Covid-19.

“We have proven how successful this type of support, delivered by experts from the manufacturing sector, can be in Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire. Across these three areas we have created nearly 700 new jobs and completed 805 improvement projects, helping many firms fulfil their potential.”

He continued: “Thanks to the backing of the D2N2 LEP, we can now give this targeted assistance to companies locally, making sure they are competitive in the sectors they have an undeniable edge in, including aerospace, automotive, food and drink, medical and rail.

“Each project is tailored to the individual company, so it has the biggest impact. Our Manufacturing Growth Managers are also very well connected and can link in management teams to other business support, funding or even supply chain opportunities.”

Frank Horsley, Head of Business & Innovation at D2N2 LEP, concluded: “We are delighted to support the extension of the highly successful programme into our region.

“Manufacturing remains the historic bedrock of the D2N2 economy. If we are to transform into a more competitive, but greener economy, our manufacturers will need support to embrace the challenges of industrial digitalisation and net zero so that, similar to the first industrial revolution, we can lead the world.

“We look forward to bringing our strategic influence and partnership network to bear to ensure our businesses have the opportunity to benefit from the excellent support MGP can deliver.”

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We help a recycling company secure funding…

Recycling plant

A business contacted us needing an injection of cash after buying a large tranche worth of recycling banks.

The business bought the banks to disperse around the country so, to understand the need of the business further one of our relationship managers went to visit them to discuss a finance facility.

The business transacted a total of £85,000, in two separate deal agreements. The first was for £35,000 and the second was for £50,000 at a later date.

The deal was agreed as a sale and HP back, where the asset is sold back to a lender for the full amount injecting the cash back into the business and the customer then pays a monthly arranged fee over a set time until the assets are then owned by them again.

The deal was arranged without any issues enabling them to gain funds back and allowing them to purchase more banks to place around the country.

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