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Our MAF Vendor Finance Programme allows you to offer finance quotes, fast credit decisions and a pay-out service to your customers to ensure you get paid on time to satisfy your customers’ needs.

Vendor finance programme

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Our MAF Vendor Finance Programme is designed to help both you and your customers by offering finance for your product at every point of sale.

We can quote your customers on the phone, take a face-to-face meeting with them or use a white-labelled version of Asset Finance Compared, our online quoting platform.

Having sector specialists in our team who can support you on large or complex transactions, we cover the whole of the UK.

We also have a MAF Loyalty Reward Scheme allowing you to reward your staff for placing business working with MAF.

Call 0115 958 6872, email  or fill in an enquiry form for further information.

vendor finance programme...


Get a dual-branded quoting platform that integrates with your existing website


Receive regular management information from your relationship manager


Work with our in-house marketing team to create dual-branded campaigns


Sign up to our loyalty reward scheme so you can accrue points for every deal

so how does it work?

You contact us because you want to work with MAF to offer finance to your customers. Our marketing team and a relationship manager will work with you to discuss how you want to offer finance - through your website, in person or over the phone. We will arrange to set you up as a formal introducer of business.
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Depending on how you want us to work with us, we can quote your customers over the phone, face to face, or through your bespoke version of our online portal which gives a quote and a decision in principle in 60 seconds.
credit approval
Large panel of funders
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We have access to a large panel of funders and the very best rates. We can deal with your customer remotely (where we don’t have to see them) or face to face. We have the very best online ID verification system to enable us to complete all relevant KYC checks. Once we have obtained credit approval from one of our funders, we will arrange for documentation to be signed and all KYC requirements to be fulfilled to enable fast pay-outs.
Large panel of funders
maf loyalty scheme
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We will pay a referral fee for business written or if you sign up to our MAF Loyalty Reward Scheme, you will be allocated points which can be used to purchase goods, a scheme which is designed to reward your sales team.
maf loyalty scheme

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If you would like to get a quote or need further information, simply fill in the form and we will contact you on the date and time that you request.
If you’re having trouble submitting the form, or want to speak to someone directly, you can call us on
0115 958 6872 and a member of our team will be happy to speak to you.
Alternatively, email us at