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Construction Finance

Our construction division provides finance for diggers, cranes and construction equipment to businesses across the UK.

Dedicated team of Construction Finance Experts

Our specialist construction finance team is led by Gary Burns who has over 30+ years of experience in the finance industry. Gary has headed up our construction team for the past 13 years since joining MAF Finance Group having previously worked for Royal Bank of Scotland and Lombard.  

The construction finance team can help with any financial needs that a range of businesses might have. This includes excavator finance, crane finance, bulldozer finance and dump truck finance.

What is construction finance?

Construction finance can include a range of assets, from bulldozers to dump trucks.

Construction finance is often used to purchase expensive equipment that is required for construction businesses to function.

We can arrange funding for the purchase of new and used construction equipment.

Our specialist construction team will be able to help with any financial needs you might have. Also having in-house property specialists means we can assist if you’re a property developer or are looking to invest in a new site.

Some of the construction equipment we can finance

We offer a range of construction finance solutions, including:

Excavator finance – An excavator is a primary piece of construction equipment. Whether it’s a crawler, backhoe or suction excavators, adding to your fleet or replacing older models, we can offer flexible finance solutions.

Crane finance- Whether it’s a single tower crane to add to your fleet or a collection of railroad cranes, we can help with the finance.

Bulldozer finance - Bulldozers are present on most construction sites and are often one of the most important pieces of yellow plant a construction business owns. A bulldozer can be an efficient way of moving things around a site, but it can be a costly piece of equipment to buy.

Dump truck finance - Whether your business is in farming, construction or any other industry that requires the use of heavy loading and commercial vehicles such as dump trucks, having this equipment is paramount to your business’s success.

Access platform finance - An access platform can be used for maintenance access, manufacturing facilities and even large warehouses, whether it’s a snappy tower, semi-stationary or powered platform, we can help with the finance.

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How does construction finance work?

We work with you and the lender of choice to determine the required loan amount, with the lender specifying the terms and conditions. Following your acceptance of the terms and conditions, you will get the full amount and typically make monthly repayments with interest for the specified period of time.

Is construction finance right for your business

Construction finance provides useful working capital for businesses that are:

· Contractors or subcontractors in the UK construction industry.

· Operating within a contract, framework agreement or a purchase order.

· Requiring a strong cashflow to expand.

If you want to avoid the hassle of your customers’ overdue payments or if you do not have the money to cover your commitments before being paid, construction finance could be the solution.

Why your business might require construction finance?

A business might need construction finance for several reasons including:

· Helps you to meet your deadlines and targets.

· Assists with the payment of materials, equipment, and staff hire.

· Flexible and short-term option.

· Receive funds quickly.

· Costs less than an overdraft facility.

· Helps maximise working capital.

How long does it take to secure construction finance?

Construction finance often varies and depends on the business and type of finance required.

Typically, it can take from 48 hours to a couple of days to get finance in place for your new purchase. Finance applicants for construction finance should have all their accounts in order and available for inspection, just like with any other type of business funding. Bank statements, the last three to five years’ worth of certified accounts and specifics on assets and liabilities can all be required.

Applying for construction finance

MAF Finance Group can compare finance offerings from a wide panel of lenders to find the best option for you.

If you would like to get a quote or need further information, simply fill in the form and we will contact you. If you want to speak to someone directly, you can call us on 0115 958 6872 and a member of our team will be happy to speak to you. Alternatively, email us at

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