finance lease

Many businesses prefer to finance lease ‘soft’ assets like I.T. as it only has a short useful working life. An accountant may also recommend that this product is more suitable for a business to help reduce tax.

finance lease

What is a finance lease?..

A finance lease is simply renting the asset over an agreed period of time and you usually remain responsible for the maintenance. 

One of the key features of finance leasing is that the customer takes on most of the risks and rewards of ownership but never actually own the asset. In practice, this means that a finance lease looks and acts a lot like hire purchase but they’re different on the balance sheet. 

Operating leases are available for all asset categories including vehicles, office equipment and industry-specific machinery.

If you are interested in an operating lease or contract hire/personal contract purchase facility, we can help.

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finance lease explained...

things to consider...


Your deposit will be lower as the VAT is spread over the term of the agreement rather than an upfront cost

contract hire

Have a look at our specialist vehicle platform for other vehicle leasing options for your business


Depending on the type of leasing product you choose, you may be responsible for maintenance of the asset


Depending on the lease, you can either return the asset, sell it to a third party, sell it on behalf of the funder or keep the asset and pay continuing rentals.

so how does finance lease work?
You contact us and tell us that you want to buy an asset for your business but would like to lease it to suit your business's needs.
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We provide you with an indicative quote. If you want to proceed, we will gather information about you and your business to complete a full credit assessment. We submit this to the Bank for approval.
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Once credit approval has been provided by our funder, we'll contact you to confirm terms and conditions of sanction. If you want to proceed, we'll speak to your supplier to request they invoice the assets to the funder. We'll then arrange to let you have documentation for signature.
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Once you've returned all signed documentation, we'll arrange for the funder to pay the supplier for the assets and collection or delivery of the goods can then be arranged.

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