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Arranging an unsecured loan for medical business

A medical business needed an unsecured loan to purchase more stock for over the summer period.

A new client to MAF needed to purchase more stock with an unsecured loan to manage an increase in demand for the summer period. 

The customer required the funds as their normal supplier was about to go on a sabbatical over the summer and therefore they needed to purchase two times the stock to cover them over the summer period.

Using our wide panel of unsecured lenders, we were able to secure the approval for the £17,000 unsecured loan within 24 hours. 

The documentation for the unsecured loan was signed the next morning and the funds were released by 2pm to allow the customer to continue business as normal throughout the summer period.

The client was more than thrilled with the speed that we have shown to get this deal paid-out in less than 24 hours. 

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