invoice finance

If you find your business waiting for customers to pay for your services or products, you could use invoice finance as a way of getting paid sooner. 

invoice finance

Unlock cash tied up in invoices...

Having to wait for anything from 30 to 90 days for a business to pay for your products or services can be a frustrating process and have an adverse impact on cashflow.

Invoice finance is a product that allows you to release cash tied up in those invoices a lot sooner.

Rather than waiting for customers to pay you, our specialist funders can advance you up 85%-90% up front  against the invoice value. 

There are two types of invoice finance – factoring and confidential invoice discounting.  

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Invoice finance explained...

things to consider...

invoice factoring

This is where the funder takes control of your sales ledger and will contact the customer for payments.

invoice discounting

This is where you retain control of your sales ledger and will have to contact the customer yourself.

credit score

If you have a lower business credit score, invoice factoring may be the more viable option for you.


Using invoice discounting will mean that your customers will be unaware of any arrangements you have.

so how does invoice finance work?
You contact us and tell us that you need to get cash into the business quicker, or you need to raise cash from your debtor book.

We then contact our specialist funders that best suit your requirements.
Large panel of funders
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The chosen funder will review your requirement against your debtor book and will offer a quote on what they can offer you.
Large panel of funders
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If you have a lower business credit score or you are a start up business then factoring may be the more viable option for you.
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Once everything is approved, the funder sets up a facility account where money comes in when invoices are issued for you to allocate as and when you need it in your main business account.

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