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£150K invoice finance facility for a haulage business

A haulage business needed a reliable working capital solution to support its business growth.

We recently supported a haulage business that was referred to us by their accountant. The client needed a reliable working capital solution to fuel their growth and was new to the concept of invoice finance.

The client who was operating in the road haulage industry, faced a pressing need for additional working capital to support their expanding operations. Referred to us by their accountant, the business sought our expertise to secure a £150,000 invoice finance line. Recognising the potential for business growth, we immediately engaged with the client to understand their financial requirements.

Given that the client was new to invoice finance, our invoice finance team took the time to educate the business on the benefits and workings of an invoice finance facility. We streamlined the onboarding process, ensuring a smooth transition and quick access to the required funds.

The successful implementation of the invoice finance line provided the client with the working capital necessary for growth. The haulage business could now take on additional contracts, expand their fleet, and enhance their operational capabilities.

The client expressed their satisfaction with our service, noting how the timely financial support had a positive impact on their business. 

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