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We arrange finance for £3m of aluminium trackway

A business needed to finance aluminium trackway to go across fields for access.

A hire business contacted us as they required finance for aluminium trackway which were to be laid in fields to allow vehicles to drive over.

The customer was already dealing with a funder, but they had a limited appetite to fund such an asset as they were so specialist and saw very minimal re-sale value.

MAF got to really understand the assets and ascertained the scrap value alone meant that they are in fact an asset that holds value well and as they had serial numbers they were identifiable.

As a result, we secured the finance for the trackway on both an unsecured loan and Hire Purchase basis for up to £3m over three different funders, and this allowed the customer to draw down the funds in 2-3 larger transactions rather than consecutive small ones.

Funding has been drawn down for the £3m and we have now convinced additional funders to support this client and have secured credit approval for an additional £3m to support them later on this year. 

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