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How businesses can tackle the rising cost of living…

PUBLISHED ON: 10/11/2022

The UK's economic difficulties may be leaving smaller businesses with an unclear future.

Many of the 5.5 million SME businesses in the UK are taking steps to cut expenses and operate more efficiently.

Although the term “cost of living” indicates a problem for consumers, rising prices can have a greater effect on smaller businesses because they are not as protected by consumer protection schemes like the energy price cap.

What is behind the increase in living expenses?

There are a number of causes driving the rise in expenses for smaller businesses, including:

How to tackle the cost of living?

Many smaller businesses could gain from cutting expenses and enhancing their financial resilience in the face of a turbulent economy.

It might be worthwhile to take into account a few of the following strategies when determining how the cost-of-living crisis affects your business:

Local suppliers can result in lower transportation costs and less greenhouse gas emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels.

Domestic supply chains could be more reliable and resistant to geopolitical developments.

Additionally, smaller businesses can review their energy suppliers, renegotiate their supply agreements, or convert to renewable energy pricing.

To spread out the cost of purchases, ideas include implementing loyalty discount schemes, providing cashback rewards, and introducing payment instalments.

When money is tight, price-sensitive customers may be searching for a deal, therefore it may be worthwhile for a business to investigate whether the company can maintain or even cut costs.

It can also invest in cost-saving technologies or finance price promotions.

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