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UK product manufacturers and businesses given two-year grace period on UK product marking…

PUBLISHED ON: 17/11/2022

The government has announced that businesses will have an extra two years to transition from CE product marking to the new UK Conformity Assessed marking (UKCA), enabling thousands of businesses to concentrate on growth.

The CE (European Conformity) markings have been used on a variety of products since 2006 and were set to be replaced by the UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) system at the end of the year (31 December 2022).

As part of the UK’s robust regulatory framework, the UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) marking was introduced to demonstrate that products comply to product safety regulations, which are intended to protect consumers.

The government has continued to recognise the CE marking for two years, allowing UK product manufacturers and businesses until 31 December 2024 to prepare for the UKCA marking. This decision was made in response to several factors, including the difficult economic conditions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic shifts in demand and supply, as well as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and rising energy prices.

Business Secretary Grant Shapps said:

“The government is determined to remove barriers to businesses so they can get on with their top priorities, like providing quality customer service, enabling growth and supporting their staff.”

“This move will give businesses the breathing space and flexibility they need at this crucial time and ensure that our future system for product safety marking is fit for purpose, providing the highest standard for consumers without harming businesses.”

The government is also reviewing the broader product safety framework, ensuring that burdens on UK product manufacturers and businesses are minimised while keeping the system up to date with new innovative methods such as e-labelling.

The government will also make it simpler than ever for businesses to apply product markings as part of this.

This package will provide thousands of businesses, including electronics and lift manufacturers, more time to concentrate on driving growth and creating jobs, while giving them freedom in how they fulfil their legal duties.

Medical devices, construction products, cableways, transportable pressure equipment, unmanned aircraft systems, rail products, and marine equipment will all be subject to different rules. The government departments in charge of these sectors are making sector specific arrangements.

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