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Agriculture Equipment Finance

Agriculture Equipment Finance

We can arrange finance and funding for agriculture equipment. Whether it's a roller, milking robot or crop sprayer, our team are here to help.

Finance Your Agriculture Equipment

Agriculture equipment can be vital for the farms operation. Different types of agriculture equipment can include; milking robots, crop sprayer, chisel plough and hedge cutter.

We can arrange agriculture finance and funding for the purchase of a new or used agriculture equipment , restructure existing finance agreements and provide you with flexible seasonal payments options.

Benefits of agriculture equipment finance

Some benefits of using agriculture equipment finance include:

Flexibility of payment terms: agriculture equipment finance can provide flexible payment options and payment terms that cater to your business. You can choose from various repayment periods, allowing you to spread the cost of the equipment over time.

Access to a wide range of equipment: Financing agriculture equipment such as a roller, milking robot or crop sprayer allows you to access a wide range of new and used agriculture equipment.

Preservation of working capital: Agriculture equipment finance allows you to preserve your working capital, as you don’t need to make a large upfront payment. This frees up funds for other essential aspects of your business, such as expanding business operations, investing in new technologies, or hiring additional staff.

Access to the latest equipment: Financing enables you to access the latest agriculture equipment without the price tag.


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Different types of agriculture equipment finance

  • Roller Finance: To keep your farming process in great shape, you need high performance equipment at every stage. With a range of types available, including segmented and smooth rollers we can arrange funding for the purchase of all different rollers.
  • Ridger Finance: A ridger can be used for the preparation of a seedbed and earthing of crops. Whether it’s a furrow, disc or bund ridger, we can help with the finance. 
  • Milking Robot Finance: Having a milking robot as part of your equipment can save on labour costs, increase efficiency and improve the quality of the milk. We can arrange funding for the purchase of a new or used milking robot.
  • Livestock Handling System Finance: Many farmers recognise the value of accurate weighing and the improved returns that can result from marketing stock at the right time, at optimum weights and specifications. We can arrange funding for the purchase of a livestock handling system.
  • Hedge Cutter Finance: Hedge cutters can be used to maintain your land, maximising productivity and returns. Arranging hedge cutter finance through us will give you more time to get on with running your business, while ensuring your land is kept in the best possible shape.
  • Harrow Finance: Just like you require a tiller for getting deep into the soil, it’s likely you’ll need a harrow for breaking up lumps of soil and smoothing the surface. With a range of different types, including disk, tine and chain, we can arrange funding for the purchase of all different harrows.
  • Grain Silo Finance: Grain silos can be used to store silage or other fodder to primarily feed farm animals and are essential to farming efficiency. You can also finance grain bins that store things like dry corn and soybeans to meet demand for feed, food and fuel use.
  • Diet Feeder Finance: Diet feeders allow you to improve efficiencies in time and labour, while giving you a more accurate ration mixing for feeding your poultry or cattle.
  • Cultivator Finance: You may want to purchase various cultivators for different uses across your land, and we can arrange the funding for these through our agricultural funders.
  • Crop Sprayer Finance: Crop sprayers are used to enhance the fertility of your crops and get them ready for market quicker. Whether it’s a trailed or self-propelled sprayer, we can help with the finance. 
  • Chisel Plough Finance: A chisel plough is a vital piece of equipment when it comes to cultivating land and keeping soil disruption to a minimum. Having a specialist agriculture team in-house means we have people who can offer advice on whatever you’re looking at buying and point you in the right direction.
  • Mixer Wagon Finance: Mixer wagons are an important asset to have on your farm. Used to accurately disperse total mixed ration to your farm animals, using one reduces the amount of time it would take to manually mix the food, giving you more time to get on with other tasks at hand.

How long does it take to secure agriculture equipment finance?

Agriculture equipment finance often varies and depends on the business and type of finance required.

It might take a few weeks or may require several months of planning. Applicants for agriculture equipment finance should have all their accounts in order and available for inspection, just like with any other type of business funding.

Bank statements, the last three to five years’ worth of certified accounts, business plans, and specifics on assets and liabilities can all be required.

Applying for agriculture equipment finance

MAF Finance Group can compare finance offerings from a wide panel of lenders to find the best option for you.

If you would like to get a quote or need further information, simply fill in the form and we will contact you. If you want to speak to someone directly, you can call us on 0115 958 6872 and a member of our team will be happy to speak to you. Alternatively, email us at

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