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All new-build homes and offices to be built with electric vehicle chargers…

England will be the first country in the world to require all new-build homes and offices to be built with electric vehicle (EV) chargers.

Expected to begin in 2022, all builds will have to feature ‘smart’ charging devices to charge vehicles during off-peak times, and office blocks will be required to install one in every five parking spaces.

The change comes as public confidence in the ‘road to zero’ transition wanes with EVs having limited range and the lack of off-street parking or garages in homes.

The government has also announced a free app, EV8 Switch, which calculates how much money a driver can save by switching to an EV compared to your current petrol or diesel vehicle, along with CO2 savings and air quality improvements.

The app also finds EVs that are most suited to the user based on current vehicles or lifestyle, see where the user’s nearest charge points are, and which journeys can be completed without the need to top up on the way.

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