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Used cars
12/01/2023 Read More

Due to UK's high levels of inflation and declining consumer confidence, used car prices have fluctuated throughout 2022....

Working with charts & budgets
12/01/2023 Read More

Despite high inflation and the 'cost of doing business' crisis, many small businesses are still seeking funding to grow their business...

Working with budgets
22/12/2022 Read More

Figures show that businesses are looking for more financing and demand for lending is set to increase in the next 12 months...

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Finance meeting
15/12/2022 Read More

The number of businesses using asset finance has grown in the UK, according to the latest published figures...

Bus in the sunset
29/11/2022 Read More

The bus and coach sector is seeking sustainable finance solutions to encourage pre-pandemic passenger levels...

Female operator at UK manufacturing plant
17/11/2022 Read More

The government has announced that businesses will have an extra two years to transition from CE product marking...

Freight boats
17/11/2022 Read More

The UK goods trade fell in September due to higher inflation and lower global consumer spending, according to statistics...

Article86 Main
14/11/2022 Read More

Scottish businesses from a variety of sectors have backed the solar industry's calls for urgent changes to the business rates...

Man with head in hands looking at bills
10/11/2022 Read More

The UK’s economic difficulties may be leaving smaller businesses with an unclear future. Many of the 5.5 million SME businesses

Man looking at bills with smart meter in foreground
10/11/2022 Read More

The economy and UK businesses have been severely impacted by the increase of energy bills. However, according to data from

Fruit and vegetables
07/11/2022 Read More

The UK government is set to introduce the Genetic Technology Bill, which will cover precision-bred plants and animals developed...

Article84 Main
07/11/2022 Read More

A mandated government programme called the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) aims to identify areas where major...

Article76 Main
04/11/2022 Read More

The European Union (EU) has announced a new law to ban the sale of new diesel- and petrol-powered vehicles from 2035.

Catering buffet
04/11/2022 Read More

The government has established new rules for business rates that will take effect in England and Wales from April 2023.

Food wastage
04/11/2022 Read More

A new report by World Fund for Nature (WWF) WWF and Tesco shows that 3 million tonnes of edible food is lost on farms

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