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Article104 Main
19/07/2023 Read More

The UK's inflation rate has dropped to a 15-month low of 7.9%. This decrease has eased concerns for Bank of England (BoE) policymakers...

Electric car charging
22/03/2023 Read More

Due to an excess of supply in the market, prices of second-hand electric cars are plummeting as more people trade them in...

Fruit & veg market
22/03/2023 Read More

The surge in inflation is attributed to vegetable shortages, which caused food prices to increase at their highest rate in over 45 years...

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15/03/2023 Read More

Key highlights from the UK Spring Budget 2023: Taxation and wages Abolishment of the cap on the amount workers can

Coins on a radiator
09/03/2023 Read More

The latest Lloyds Bank survey reveals that SMEs are struggling more with energy costs than last year. It was revealed

Money & house on a balance scale
03/03/2023 Read More

The property market is slowing down significantly as a result of higher interest rates and increased mortgage expenses...

Interest rates rising
02/02/2023 Read More

For the tenth time in a row, the Bank of England has increased interest rates as part of its effort to quell rising inflation....

Working at the laptop
18/01/2023 Read More

New data reveals substantial increase in total asset finance new business, signifying positive growth. New figures released...

Trolley in a supermarket
18/01/2023 Read More

In the UK, the rate of increase in prices slowed for the second consecutive month, but the cost of food, including milk...

Light bulb & coins
18/01/2023 Read More

The Government have revealed the "Energy Bills Discount Scheme" to be introduced in April for UK businesses, charities...

Hands around a plant
12/01/2023 Read More

Half of all SMEs will decide to put money into sustainability initiatives in 2023, according to the latest data from Time Finance...

Used cars
12/01/2023 Read More

Due to UK's high levels of inflation and declining consumer confidence, used car prices have fluctuated throughout 2022....

Working with charts & budgets
12/01/2023 Read More

Despite high inflation and the 'cost of doing business' crisis, many small businesses are still seeking funding to grow their business...

Working with budgets
22/12/2022 Read More

Figures show that businesses are looking for more financing and demand for lending is set to increase in the next 12 months...

Finance meeting
15/12/2022 Read More

The number of businesses using asset finance has grown in the UK, according to the latest published figures...

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