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MAF joins forces to help companies with net zero targets…

MAF have teamed up with energy efficiency consultants to help businesses reach net zero targets. 

With the government’s target of the UK being net zero by 2050, businesses across the country are having to make changes now in order meet the deadline.

In a bid to help these businesses, MAF have partnered with JRP Solutions, a consultancy firm that specialises in helping businesses reduce energy consumption levels and costs by developing bespoke solutions.

The partnership will see MAF refer its customers to JRP, enabling them to perform numerous reviews, ranging from audits of current energy and environmental management systems (EnMS) to an analysis of current energy policies and the resources required to improve them.

Head of Agriculture & Renewables, Rachel Borlace, says: “We want to support our customers with their net zero journey, but we realise that this can be a complex subject.

“Having a partner who has credibility in working with various large clients across different industries, it will help us build a stronger relationship with them.

“We’ve already received some great feedback from our clients who can see the benefit of bring a business plan that considers net zero targets to life, and as some of our funding requires stage payments with a specific plan, JRP can act for a client by ensuring an installer of a renewable plan keeps to targets.”

To see if we can help with your net zero plans,, call 0115 958 6872 or fill in an enquiry form below.  

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