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The demand in construction work increases freight operations…

The increasing demand for new housing and construction projects have had a positive impact on the rail freight operations.

According to an independent analysis, ten of the top eleven housing projects in the UK are in and around London.

Regeneration schemes all require large volumes of materials such as granite, limestone and cement to be transported to development sites all around the country.

The increasing amount of new construction projects in London, means that certain issues like traffic and emission legislations will always delay work. The use of rail freights is now many firms’ choice for bulk handling goods, as it is more economical and produces 76% less carbon dioxide.

Although the government plans to improve the economic development within other regions of the country, London remains at the forefront in creating the most demand. Post-pandemic construction work is on the rise and appears to be never-ending, as one big project like the King’s Cross remodelling comes to an end, another large project begins.

The UK economy gains £2.45 billion every year from the rail freight industry, as well as reduced congestion on roads, improving safety and bettering environmental issues.

As more housing and commercial plans are approved, the construction industry will continue to use the rail freights to carry out projects for the foreseeable future. 

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