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Zero-emission HGV’s to be implemented by 2040…

Heavy Goods Vehicles are to be included in the UK’s zero emission plans to remove all fossil fuel vehicles off the road by 2040.

Zero-Emission HGVs

As confirmed on 10 November, all new Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) must be zero-emission by the deadline, following the pledge to entirely remove petrol and diesel cars and vans from sales by 2030 in a “world-leading pledge to end the sale of all polluting road vehicles within the next 2 decades.”

The UK is pioneering the push for zero emissions and will be the first country globally to remove vehicles weighing 26 tonnes and under by 2035 and HGVs of all sizes to be zero emission by 2040.

Where did this come from?

A total of 34 countries, 6 of the largest vehicle manufacturers, 41 cities states, and regions, 28 fleets and 13 investors all met on Transport Day at COP26 to lay out their joint plans for new car, van and HGV sales to be zero emission by 2035 in leading markets and 2040 in all areas globally.

Launched by the Prime Minister at the World Leaders Summit, this push for zero emission vehicles timescale has been named as one of the new Glasgow breakthroughs, with the Zero Emission Vehicle Transition Council (ZEVTC) meeting yesterday to discuss how a global collaboration can bring this goal to fruition. The council will produce an initial action plan to lay out exact strategies for where countries need to work together to accelerate the transition during 2022. The council’s large-scale motivations have also been demonstrated with the US’s decision to join the UK as co-chair of the ZEVTC.


The government has also revealed their new design for electric vehicle charge points, hoping these will become an iconic British staple as with the emblematic London bus or telephone box. Designed in collaboration with the Royal College of Art and PA Consulting, the charge points were first put on display in the UK Pavilion at COP26. The design was worked upon with input from consumers, local governments, industries and accessibility groups and focuses on inclusivity and ease of use.

Our Director of Agriculture and Renewables, Rachel Galbraith, had this to say on the matter:

“It’s great to see this commitment for the much-needed change in the HGV sector- as a nation every sector will need to play their part. Cutting emissions is both good for the environment and people’s health.

“The target is both realistic and goal setting, and businesses can now make the plans necessary to update their fleet of vehicles.”

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